I mainly create artistic mobiles and installations.

Kinetic sculpture is the field I mainly explore because it involves the research of the balance of a suspended object, which is able to change the human perception of space (which is generally considered empty).

The objective of my art is to bring to the public view the infinite possibilities a structure in movement can generate.

I am interested in the concepts of movement, change, perception and perspective and so I am intrigued by the incessant changes of shape a structure in motion can produce when perceiving it from different perspectives; motion and perception never remain the same and they do not repeat. This relates to the constant evolution of nature and the universe itself.
The intersection of lines and shapes moving together and then separating again also leaves space for the viewer’s own interaction with the artwork and this vital connection and interaction between art and viewer creates chances an for an active two-way fruition.

My mobiles are hand made and hand painted. Materials I use range from wood, copper, enriched papier-mâché, forms and patterns created from scratch using found or recycled objects. I am also exploring metals, plastics, resins and other materials.
I love experimenting with new materials from which I draw inspiration for my creations.

- Floridia